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The global crypto market has been full of hotspots in 2021, from NFT to GameFi to the metaverse, each of which has created a huge wealth effect. As we move into 2022, with Microsoft’s acquisition of gaming giant Activision Blizzard to enter the metaverse, the consensus on gaming as the largest traffic portal to the metaverse is rapidly gathering.

The GameFi concept of combining virtual and reality and Play-to-Earn may profoundly change the way of life of human beings, as evidenced by the fact that MetaHero, which combines NFT, GameFi, DAO and metaverse, is rapidly coming out of the competition.

MetaHero is a large-scale Tower Defense game based on Binance Smart Chain(BSC), which combines elements of ‘Mining, Staking, Combat, DEFI, NFT and DAO’. Players can participate in combats by opening NFT blind boxes to acquire heroes in order to play the game. MetaHero provides a chance for players to enjoy an interesting Play-to-Earn experience as well as a chance to realize the heroes and NFT props to cash in.

MetaHero uses the classic tower defense gameplay to build a virtual world with many tribes, such as the Gold Coast, the Blazing Plains and the Thunder Cliffs, in which the heroes of the tribes fight against the monsters’ crazy attacks, just to protect the beautiful home.


By entering the world of MetaHero, players will be transformed into heroes in the battlefield and will be able to participate in fierce and interesting battles through certain offensive and defensive strategies. At the same time, the heroes themselves can be synthesized and upgraded to improve their skills, and after achieving a series of battle achievements, they will also receive generous game rewards.

The gameplay mode of MetaHero is based on the game character “Hero”. In MetaHero, there are four types of heroes: Archer, Alchemist, Rikishi, Rex and Mage. Each type of hero has its own unique progression curve, and the higher the level, the stronger the hero’s attributes will be, and the game’s combat power will increase as a result.

In MetaHero, players can assemble heroes, upgrade heroes, combine heroes and place heroes to defend the tribe. The game also introduces the popular blind box mechanism and upgrade synthesis gameplay, so players can easily get the thrill of complete immersion in the process of arranging troops and quickly breaking through the levels.

In addition to being fully playable, Super Hero is also produced and designed to the standards of a 3A masterpiece. The visual effects produced by the game’s fight scenes and graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is interactive and does not bore the player. If you’ve tried it out, you’ll get a sense of just how much fun MetaHero is.

As a GameFi with the ambition to build a phenomenal GameFi, MetaHero will gradually move towards the goal of occupying an important traffic entrance in the meta-universe field based on the continuous improvement of the game ecology in the future. At the same time, DAO, the community created by MetaHero, will also use this as a base to incubate more gaming communities that earn while playing, allowing all DAO members to enjoy the dividends of the platform’s ecological development together.

For a GameFi to grow into a hit, it needs to have a fun gameplay, a solid economic model and a broad community base. MetaHero has certainly got it all. If you want to experience the fun of this chain game masterpiece, then join the world of MetaHero.

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