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BNB Chain Star of the Month – December

Let’s look for high-quality Web3 projects on BNB Chain this month. The projects introduced next include various fields such as DeFi, GameFi and even ultra-realistic 3D virtual character avatars. They were selected as the monthly stars in December.

TapFantasy IMG_256

Fantasy Metaverse, a virtual version of the acclaimed MMORPG Tap Tap Fantasy, is taking off on the GameFi scene. It features hundreds of characters and an unrivaled collection of NFT skins. Tap Fantasy is fast becoming the go-to choice for 3rd party designers and game developers, having a hand in crafting and building one of the most successful ACG GameFi + Metaverse projects in the world!

Click to learn more:https://www.tapfantasy.io/#/



Lifeform is creating hyper-realistic 3D avatars across platforms. Their NFTs and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), allow users to manage and protect the anonymity of their digital identities. The solution is straightforward and effortless to implement. By enabling it to join the Web3 revolution, Lifeform is striving to bring billions of users to the web.

Click to learn more:https://lifeform.cc/



Hooked Protocol is building a ramp layer for the mass adoption of Web3. Providing tailored “learn and earn” products and onboarding infrastructure for users and businesses entering the new world of Web3. Through “Quiz-Earn” and other gamified learning experiences, Hooked is forming an engaging community economy ecosystem by facilitating and optimizing the onboarding process for all Web3 Pathfinders.

Click to learn more: https://hooked.io/




Wyre puts financial power in the user’s hands through an easy-to-use API that enables a simple and secure cryptocurrency experience. Wyre believes power belongs to the builder – with the right tools, they can build anything.

Click to learn more: https://www.sendwyre.com/



NFTScan provides developers and users with professional NFT asset data search and query functions, including. NFT Collection, NFT Contract, Wallet Address, NFT TxHash and other multidimensional data search queries.

Click to learn more: https://www.nftscan.com/



Yuliverse is an alternative reality metaverse parallel to the real world, bringing players a new way of life. At the same time, it is also a game-based social application. Yuliverse currently features thousands of fantasy storylines. By participating in role-playing, players can earn ARG and ART rewards by completing tasks.

Click to learn more:https://www.yuliverse.com/

Zebec Protocol


The Zebec protocol acts as a modular currency, layered, upgradeable and extensible through governance. Their goal is to fight for a DeFi revolution. Bring about changes in the Web3 digital economy. Build programmable money flows as the foundation for bigger, better and more legendary financial innovations.

Click to learn more :https://zebec.io/

Superpower Squad


Explore unknown worlds with your squad in 6 fast-paced games in SuperPower Squad! Superpower Squad was developed for entertainment and reimagined with blockchain partners to bring players high-quality gameplay and ecosystem. Players are invited to explore their heroic identities and form their own squads to battle in multiple PvP and PvE modes while earning rewards.

Click to learn more:https://ssquad.games/

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